TULLES collection is the collection of tulles. The textile selection principle for this collection is similar to the DRAPERIES collection but there is only one difference; TULLES collection only has tulle textiles in the medium cost segment. TULLES collection is presented in separate palettes with small color charts (7-10 tone each design). TULLES collection has textiles with different styles, raw material compounds and color structures. The main criteria for a textile to belong in this collection is the relative low production cost.
TULLES- is the collection that meets the latest trends of the interior design fashion with the highest quality standards and affordable prices. The tulle textiles of the collection are all-purpose. These tulles can be combined with other textiles from any kinds of collection. It’s always present in the depot.
TULLES collection has been presented as 5 palettes in the new season. The collection will be completed rapidly with the new weaving structures, chromatography, new stitching, lace and devore structures without leaving the scope of medium price segment.

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