Premium Class

PREMIUM CLASS is an unique collection of various styles of curtain and tulle textile. The uniqueness of the collection comes from the fact that each hanger offers a big selection of compatible textile for the chromatography of the interior textiles.

As part of a hanger, we offer a wide textile range that can be dominant or supplementary for the color and harmony of the interior textiles.

Each hanger in the PREMIUM CLASS is a ready selection of curtain textiles, textiles used for covers, decorative pillows and roll shaped pillows and also a ready selection of tulle textile types for different surface pictures and structures (plain, structural or pictured).

PREMIUM CLASS collection is a new method of working with the customer and with this method the collection acts as a professional manager or designer. This method also shortens the time for choosing the textile, even for the smallest exhibition part of the sales hall.

PREMIUM CLASS collection is the product of long hours of hard work by many parts of the company, including the marketing, sales and textile designers' department. The textiles chosen underwent a detailed selection among those with successful sales in all regions.

Many new color combinations were added to several designs and a “pair” equipment was used to ensure fabrics are compatible with each other. For many designs, the “pair textiles” were developed separately for the required structure, color and quality.

The new accessories collection RHAPSODY catalog was pre-developed for the PREMIUM CLASS collection. Any color combinations for the textiles in PREMIUM CLASS collection can be completed by accessories from the RHAPSODY catalog.

Until recently, there were 83 colors used in the palette and each palette had their own ranking number. No: 1-22 - classic elements (classic design, pattern made with initial letters), No: 23-26 - classic elements orient (classic design, oriental motifs), No: 27-33 - stylized classically motives (stylized classics with modern interpretation), No: 34-42 - classical floristic (classical flowered theme), No: 43-45 - gobelin ( (gobelin theme), No: 46-53 - stylized flowers (stylized flowered theme with modern interpretation), No: 54-62 - printed floristic (printed flower theme), No: 64-70 - natural (“Natura” theme), No: 71-81 - modern (modern designs), No: 82-83 - photo prints and letter motives. (photo prints and letter motives.)

In 2014, the collection was enriched with 7 new designs. These hangers were numbered consecutively with the label “new”. 1 hanger - Classical Designs”, 1 hanger - “Classical Designs. Oriental motives.” And 5 hangers - “Modern. Geometry”.

Total 92 Product