Symphony Of Colors

SYMPHONY OF COLORS collection, is a print designed curtain and tulle textile collection. Storage program.
The collection was presented to the costumers with the 63 designs collected in the 3 sets of the catalog. The name of the collection, defines the tones of the perception of the textiles in this collection. Shiny and pastel, multi colored and achromatic, every design of the SYMPHONY OF COLORS collection, plays its own melody in the general bewitching SYMPHONY OF COLORS. In each set of the catalog, there are several thematic units:
flower theme, ikats (Ikat in the Indonesian language means “to tie”, “weave”), literal and photoprint marines (Sea in Latin), toile de jouy.
SYMPHONY OF COLORS collection’s 195 design should be evaluated as such that they should be listened… One must listen with colors to their structure, plasticity and color harmony’s music and poems.

Total 3 Product